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The légend of the Grand Slam
Last update :30 june  2003
1877-1914  Wimbledon and how it all began
1891-1914 The early years of the Men's French Championship.
1900-1914 The first years of the Davis Cup.
1903-1907 The Doherty era.
1912-1914 First australian domination : Norman Brookes and  Anthony Wilding.
1912-1914 1912-14 : The first World Championship on clay in Paris
1920-1926 Tilden et Johnston, kings of the Davis Cup.
1923 Little Bill Johnston, and the last world championship on clay.
1924 The Double Olympic Champion Vincent Richards
1922-1926 The French Musketeers and their conquest of the Davis Cup
1925-1927 The french championship becomes international.
1927 Germantown : France beats USA 3/2!
1928 The Musketeers win their "Grand Slam" 
1938-1932 The Musketeers keep the Davis cup.
1933 The Davis cup leaves for England. 
1933 Jack Crawford nearly made it!.
1933-1936 The Fred Perry supremacy with a "little" slam..
1937 Who after Perry ? Van Cramm or Budge ?
1938 Donald Budge and the first Grand Slam
1939 The bets of Bobby Riggs
1930-1940 The early days of professionnal tennis
1946-1950 Jack Kramer, Pancho Gonzales and the organisation of professionnal tennis
1950-1952 The australians come back : Sedgman et McGrgor
1955 Tony Trabert 
1953-1957 The "whizkids" Lewis Hoad and Ken Rosewall.
1958 Ashley Cooper among other australians
1960-1962 The first grand slam for Rod laver
1961-1967 Roy Emerson, and the "shamateurism"..
1961-1966 Manuel Santana alone against the Australians.
1968-1971 The beginning of the "OPEN" championship :  Laver and Rosewall are back. 
1969 The second  grand slam for Rod laver
1970-1973 The difficult organisation of the open tennis and the Wimbledon boycott.
1974 Jimmy Connors take off, Ken Rosewall leaves...
1974-1981 Ice Borg 
1984 The year "McEnroe".
1982-1992 Wilander, Lendl, et Edberg near the "little slam".
1990 - ? Sampras and Agassi...
Grand Slam 

Laurie Doherty (GB)

Norman Brookes (Aus)

Anthony Wilding (N-Z)

Gerald Patterson (Aus)

Big Bill Tilden (USA)

Little Bill Johnston (USA)

Vincent Richards (USA)

Jacques Brugnon (FRA)

Jean Borotra (FRA)

Henri Cochet (FRA)

René Lacoste (FRA)

Les Mousquetaires

Ellsworth Vines (USA)

Jack Crawford (Aus)

Bunny Austin (GB)

Fred Perry (GB)

Gotfried Van Cramm (All)

Donald Budge (USA)

Adrian Quist (Aus)

John Bromwich (Aus)

Bobby Riggs (USA)

Jack Kramer (USA)

Panch Gonzales (USA)

Frank Sedgman (Aus)

Ken McGregor (Aus)

Tony Trabert (USA)

Lewis Hoad (Aus)

Ken Rosewall (Aus)

Aschley Cooper (Aus)

Fred Stolle (Aus)

Rod Laver (Aus)

Roy Emerson (Aus)

John Newcombe (Aus)

Tony Roche (Aus)

Jimmy Connors (USA)

Bjon Borg (Sue)

John McEnroe (USA)

Mats Wilander (Sue)

Stephan Edberg (Sue)

Ivan Lendl (Tch)

Boris Becker (All)

Pete Sampras (USA)

André Agassi (USA)


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