Laurie Doherty
Hugh Laurence Doherty (UK)
"Laurie" or  "Little Do"
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Laurie Docherty goes down in history as the second true champion of the modern era after his brother Reggie. Laurie had an unequalled portfolio of strokes for his day and an uncannily natural instinct for the game. He was equally at ease in front of the net as at the back of the court and could place the ball on a sixpence.

He was to gain his fame by imposing himself at an international level as had never seen before. His championship record would make today’s top players more than jealous of his success without exception. Olympic Champion in 1900, he won the very first Grand Slam in history in 1903 by taking the singles and doubles titles at both Wimbledon and in America. He then went on with his brother this year to win the Davis Cup for the United Kingdom.

Laurie Docherty was quite simply invincible at singles between 1903 and 1906 and he was also clever enough to know that it was time to retire after having won his fifth consecutive Wimbledon title. He saw similar success with his brother at doubles, losing only two matches in 1902 and his final doubles championship match at Wimbledon in 1906.

He gave up tennis in 1906 to consecrate himself to the less violent sport of golf where he subsequently built a similarly brilliant career. He had always been a man of fragile health, again like his brother. Respiratory problems meant that he tired quickly. He was called up to the Royal Navy for the first world war and it was the rigours of military service that were to finally take their toll. He died at Broadstairs in Kent on the 21st August 1919 at the age of 43 after a protracted illness.

His success in Grand Slam Championships comprised 6 singles and 10 doubles titles.

Wimbledon Men single 1902-1906
Men doubles 1897-1901  R.Doherty
1903-1905  R.Doherty
USA championship Men single 1903
Men double 1902-1903  R.Doherty
Davis Cup (4) 1903-1906 
Olympic games Men single gold medal 1900
Men double gold medal 1900         R.Doherty
Double Mixte bronz medal 1900         M.Jones (USA)
Examples of Laurie Doherty's style: 

Slazenger racket signed Doherty, 
arounds 1910. Probably one of the very
first racket signed with by a champion


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