The history of Tennis 
"The Grand Slam legend"

Last update : 02 April 2002

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Announcement of the second French 
International Championship

03/Apr/2002 : 1925-1927 :The first international french championship

16/01/2002: 1922-1926: The French Musketeers and their conquest of the Davis Cup
22/10/2001 : The Double Olympic Champion Vincent Richards
11/10/2001 : Laurie Doherty, first Grand Slam heroe
The Men's Grand Slam:
A year by year account of the four pre-eminent national championships and the Davis Cup.
The Women's Grand Slam: 
A year by year account of how the women built their own legend.
The origin of the "Grand Slam" expression : 1938.
The American Journalist Allison Danzig created the expression "Grand Slam" in honour of Donald Budge's exploits.
The Davis Cup winners sinces 1900, with all major events.
The Oscars of the Grand Slam:
Winners of the four grand slam championships since 1877
Early Equipment Manufacturers.
A cardboard box dating back to 1881 by Peck&Snyder of New York, sold as a parlour game containing net, rackets and balls…..and advertising posters from the eighteen nineties: Wright&Ditson, Spalding, Horace Partridge&CO, and again Peck&Snyders....

The rackets:
Antiques before 1914, dating from before the first world war, the prominent brands, a selection of famous champion signatures,
A collection of photographic autographs of the great champions from when rackets were made in wood and decorated with signed portraits of:Tilden, Vines, Budge, Kramer, Gonzales,Trabert, Laver, Rosewall, Billie Jean King and many others...

Cans and balls:
For those who can remember when the balls were white , the shape of old boxes Slazenger, Dunlop, or Spalding, ... 
Covers and press
A selection of delightful old adverts by Dunlop,Williams or Spalding
Here are some more beautiful presentation boxes, signed by Tilden, Richards or Gonzales
…And a multitude of boxes of tin cans with fanciful decorations!

Adverts and Sponsors:
Texaco, bier, Coca-cola, cigarettes...

Women's attire: (Under construction)

Men's attire (Under construction)
The Tennis courts (Under construction)
Today's ad

Cigar, 1947

San Francisco, 1910

Slazenger signed
Margaret Court

Lipton et le tennis

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