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Last update : March 21th 2001

Early Equipment Manufacturers.
A cardboard box dating back to 1881 by Peck&Snyder of New York, sold as a parlour game containing net, rackets and balls…..and advertising posters from the eighteen nineties: Wright&Ditson, Spalding, Horace Partridge&CO, and again Peck&Snyders....

The rackets:
Antiques before 1914, dating from before the first world war, the prominent brands, a selection of famous champion signatures,
A collection of photographic autographs of the great champions from when rackets were made in wood and decorated with signed portraits of:Tilden, Vines, Budge, Kramer, Gonzales,Trabert, Laver, Rosewall, Billie Jean King and many others...

Cans and balls:
For those who can remember when the balls were white , the shape of old boxes Slazenger, Dunlop, or Spalding, ... 
Covers and press
A selection of delightful old adverts by Dunlop,Williams or Spalding
Here are some more beautiful presentation boxes, signed by Tilden, Richards ou Gonzales
…And a multitude of boxes of tin cans with fanciful decorations! 

Adverts and Sponsors:
Texaco, bier, Coca-cola, cigarettes...

Women's attire: (Under construction)

Men's attire (Under construction)
The Tennis courts (Under construction)

Latest news from 
the museum: two 
beautiful pictures 
of the whiz kids
Hoad and Rosewall
Picture of the day: 
A tennis championship at 
Wimbledon in 1876?
Advertising with tennis:
Donald Budge and
The great signatures:

John McEnroe

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